Friday 8 November 2013

Varsha Dixit - Author Interview

An interview with the bestselling author Varsha Dixit, about her first novel... Right Fit Wrong Shoe... exclusively in Chubby Cheek's Column...

1) Did you always wanted to be a writer?
Writing happened to me by accident rather than design. However creative industry is where I have always inspired to be in.

2) Are you an avid reader? What genre you prefer the most and what is your favorite book?
Reading is my first love. I read fiction; the dark, macabre, mysterious kind. Don’t have one favorite book, though I love reading classics.

3) Who are the authors you admire the most, and did any author in particular inspire your writing?
Not really. I like to write in my own style.

4) What does "writing" mean to you?
Currently writing is my heaven away from heaven 

5) “Right Fit Wrong Shoe” being your first novel, what was the biggest challenge you faced while writing it?
Being a self taught writer, the biggest challenge was learning how to write a manuscript that was publication worthy.

6) Was it a real struggle to get your first novel published?
The struggle lay in writing a book rather than publishing.

7) What is your favorite setting to write in? Do you tend to follow a strict work schedule or write in spurts of activity? 
I like to write in solitude and to music. The first twenty pages are hardest for me to pen.

8) “Right Fit Wrong Shoe”, how did you come up with this title for your book, or was it suggested by someone?
My editor and I were brainstorming for names and one day while I was dropping my daughter off to school my sandal came loose and kept slipping off my foot. Thus I got the name for my first book.

9) When did you start with the plot and how long did it take you to finish writing the novel?
It took me over two years and innumerable edits to make the book what it is.

10) How much is your story inspired by your own experiences?
Totally fiction except for the city it unfolds in.

11) In “Right Fit Wrong Shoe” Which of your characters do you feel more connected to? Why?
I guess both Nandini and Sneha as I’m blessed to have few such close friends to call my own.

12) How did it feel after receiving the very first feedback from the readers?
Humbling and relief. The story worked  big time :)

13) Talking about the feedback since the book launch. How has the overall response been? Was it below or above your expectations? 
Way above my expectation. I never thought a book I wrote would become a national best seller.

14) Your fans from all over the globe might be sending you their wishes and feedback via facebook & email regularly. Any specific lines/incident from your book that have struck a chord with majority of your readers?
I think Aditya Sarin hands down has won million hearts.

15) What has been your greatest strength which leads you in all thick and thins of the journey as an author?
The fact that I approach writing as a job I love rather than a job that I glorify.

16) Any advice you would like to give to all the budding authors out there?
Read my blog ‘you are not born a write you become one’ and write to me.


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